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24 April 2013

Bangladesh NEVER AGAIN: Join the industry in a constructive response

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Value Chain Call to Action

We are liaising with partner organisations to draw up and issue a collaborative industry response to the Bangladesh factory collapse - a Value Chain Call to Action. To contribute your ideas on what to include, fill in the form below in less than 3 minutes.

Appalled by the Bangladesh Factory Collapse?

In the wake of the Bangladeshi Garment Factory disaster the Ethical Fashion Forum, through its SOURCE platform, is co-ordinating a collaborative industry response, alongside partner organisations and trade bodies.

The initiative will focus upon the practical and constructive steps that need to be taken by the industry – both supply and retail sectors – to make sure that such an event will never happen again.

We are co-ordinating a collaborative response in two stages:

1.) Galvanising our industry network of over 15,000 professionals and businesses and hundreds of partner organisations and trade bodies in 130 countries to contribute ideas to a Value Chain Call to Action. The goal of this is to build upon and bring together existing campaigns and initiatives in a co-ordinated response.

2.) The Ethical Fashion Forum will liaise with partner organisations, taking into account all Stage 1 input, and issue a Value Chain Call to Action for the Fashion Industry. This will be included on the agenda for SOURCE Summit 2013, which will unite industry leaders from all over the world, on the 12th July. The Call to Action will also be used as a tool in our ongoing liaison with business members.

Take 3 minutes to contribute your ideas below and help prevent it ever happening again.

The only real solution to this is a collaborative, worker centric, initiative across the whole industry“ – Clare Lissaman, Fashion Supply Chain expert and Ethical Fashion Forum Board member

This initiative will build upon the work of our partner organisations: Click here to read about the facts behind the collapse and what our partners are calling for.

If the form below is giving you trouble, you can click here to access the form externally.

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