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5 March 2015

Brand Preview 2015 - Fresh, Directional, Print, Atelier

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

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The largest digital fashion showcase - bringing you the latest sustainable brands from around the world. Now you can view the event recordings and download the lookbooks, this page features the best in womenswear.

Fresh, Directional, Print, Atelier – Recordings & Lookbooks

Discover a selection of womenswear brands, each with an inspiring sustainable approach — from fresh new design concepts, to cutting-edge directional design, statements prints to high-end luxury and bespoke pieces.

View the other recording & lookbooks from Brand Preview 2015:

Accessories & Home, Shoes & Bags, Jewellery

Basics, Sport & Leisure

Lifestyle, Men, Children

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Fresh – with We Do Ethical Fashion

Fresh new brands and design concepts, including: Axotiq, Cossac, Del Través, Kitty Ferreira, L-L-B, Lozena, Modahnik, My wild heart, N.U.S.K., phannatiq, Revolution In Material Apparel/ R.I.M.A., Slow Artist, We Are Islanders, We Do Ethical Fashion

View the PDF below:

Watch the recording:

Directional – with Animaná

Stylish, chic, forward-thinking yet timeless womenswear, including: allenomis, Animaná, Antithesis, behno, colour conscious clothing, Deborah Campbell Atelier, Hortensia Handmade, Isai 58, KECHIE.B, Norlha, Reformation, Silke Handley, Tengri, Terials, Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept

View the PDF below:

Watch the recording:


Show-stopping prints and patterns, including: creation26, Forest Soul Fashion, Julia McLearon, Kampala Fair, Komana Design, Lily of Valley Isle, Mata Traders, Nila Rubia, Passion Lilie, Senorita Awesumo, Shika

View the PDF below:

Watch the recording:

Atelier – with Cocccon

Exemplary high-end, luxury, evening & bridal wear, including: Ala Mairi, Bav Tailor, Clamoretz, Cocccon, Deborah Lindquist, Dira Adams, Halasi, Holroyd and Pickles, Raggedy, Re-cycle style, Etii Etii

View the PDF below:

Watch the recording:

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