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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

8 September 2015

BUILDING BLOCKS: How to find the right legal advice

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Autonomous Collection1

In this 5-part series, you will learn about setting up and building a sustainable fashion business in the UK – from the legal perspective. In this fourth instalment, we look how to choose the right lawyer, key legal agreements to be aware of and ways to limit your legal costs.


This report covers:

4A. How to find the right lawyer
4B. Key legal agreements you should know about
4C. Tips on minimising your legal costs

Read the other parts of this series:

PART 1: How to set up your legal business structure
PART 2: How to protect your branding & Intellectual Property
PART 3: Retailing & the legal parameters
PART 5: Ethics & sustainability, the legal perspective

Special thanks to Elsa Garagnon, Solicitor (England and Wales), who has written this piece on behalf of SOURCE Intelligence.

Image credit: The Autonomous Collections S/S 2015

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