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27 September 2017

Future Fabrics Expo 2017: Top Picks

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Future Fabrics 2017 - 3

Some of our favourite innovative fabrics and fibres from the Sustainable Angle's 6th annual Future Fabrics Expo. Image: Ariaprene

The Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics annual expo showcases textiles created through environmentally and socially positive means.

A relative newcomer to the world of textile trade shows, the Future Fabrics 2017 expo featured over 2,000 fabrics, a considerable growth from its launch in 2011 with 400 fabrics. An indication that sustainability in textiles is moving out of its niche. The show included a series of seminars each day, drawing in a crowd of 650 visitors.

SOURCE headed over to investigate the latest innovations in sustainable fabrics. Five of the most exciting are highlighted below. See also Sustainable Angle’s own report on the show.

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