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4 February 2012

Khunu: Adventure Wear from Yak Fibre

Contributor Rebecca Damm

Using yak fibres from both Mongolia and Tibetan regions, Khunu links yak herders to the international market and provides local communities with a sustainable income. SOURCE spoke to Aaron Pattillo, the co-founder of Khunu, about this innovative adventure wear brand.

The inspiration for Khunu came in 2009 after a trip to the Tibetan plateau, and the discovery of the nomadic yak herders and a fibre that was not being used to its full advantage. The brand works with yak herders from Mongolia and Tibet and helps to bring long term sustainable livelihoods to remote communities, through connections to an International market.

Rebecca Damm talks to Aaron Pattillo, co-founder of Khunu, to find out more: including the unique characteristics of yak wool, working with herders, Khunu’s approach to marketing, and future plans.

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