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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

29 July 2012

Members Logos and Certificates

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

SOURCE members and Fellows benefit from the opportunity to use logos and certificates representing their membership.

Please note that these logos are not designed as product certification, and their use on products is not permitted. They simply represent that the business, organisation, or individual is listed on SOURCE Database or a member of the Fellowship 500.

Use of either of these logos by non-members or use by members failing to renew their membership or who are in default of their payment subscriptions will constitute unauthorised use. The Ethical Fashion Forum reserves the right to charge all unauthorised users for unauthorised use.

SOURCE Listed members logo

This logo is exclusively available for subscribing members which are LISTED on the SOURCE Database, for use on website or promotional materials.

If you see this logo represented on the materials of any business or organisation, it means that the business in question is listed on the SOURCE Database. SOURCE Listed members are reviewed against the EFF’s Ethical Mandate. CLICK HERE to read more about how LISTED members are reviewed against EFF’s ETHICAL MANDATE.

Fellowship 500 Member Logo

The Fellowship unites businesses and individuals pioneering in fashion and sustainability all over the world.

Members of the Fellowship 500 have the option to use this logo on website or promotional materials.

Certificate of Fellowship

All members of the FELLOWSHIP 500 are issued with a PDF Fellowship certificate for use on website, at events or in liaison with clients and customers.

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