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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

28 July 2012


Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

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“The SOURCE is ground breaking. It makes it easy for fashion businesses of all sizes to maximize social and environmental sustainability. This is an essential tool for every fashion professional and business, regardless of their current sustainability policies” – Ben Ramsden, MD, Pants to Poverty

“The Database makes it easy for buyers to track exciting, emerging designers while the Magazine is a guiding source of intelligence for fashion professionals everywhere.” – Debra Hepburn, founder of Young British Designers

“The site reaches a wider industry audience than the Fairtrade Foundation could reach alone and provides a perfect platform for us to promote our work and link more producers to the UK market.” – Victoria Waugh, Business Development Manager, Fairtrade Foundation

“Source membership provides insightful information into the industry, as well as a fantastic platform to meet like minded businesses, people. Membership has provided us with a valuable platform for networking and collaborating, as well as increasing traffic and promoting brand awareness. The team are all very helpful.” – SOURCE Member Arlette Lee

“We found SOURCE an excellent platform to understand the market as well as to promote what we do. There is no other organisation like EFF and SOURCE and we are extremely happy to be a member of this organisation” – SOURCE Member INHEELS

“The SOURCE has provided our team with everything needed to integrate sustainability at the core of our business practices. From the right suppliers for our products to the market and business information we need to become a sector leader, SOURCE has already saved us hundreds of hours and thousands of pounds in research time” – G Beaudin, Front Row Society

“A great forum for connecting… we have shared expertise, received contacts and are doing business as a result” – Prama Bhardwaj, MD, Mantis World

“Definitely a foothold towards a tipping point in the sustainability movement. Very exciting.” – Deborah Allen, Bright Colours

“The overriding message of the day among the discussions was that sustainability is important more than ever right now, is no longer a trend and is at its most prevalent and relevant.” – Vogue.com

“The SOURCE Summit 2013 marked a moment when the ethical fashion movement has really come of age, thanks to the combined power of people and ideas” – Xenya Cherny-Scanlon, Green Stilletos

“Fantastic experience, depth of knowledge and offers of help and support in one event” – Ruth Morris, Uniforms Manager, England Rugby 2015

“The SOURCE is the future of fashion” – Benjamin Itter, Lebenskleidung

“Highly informative, enlightening and inspiring event which I would love to participate in again next year!” – Chloe Haywood, Hatastic

SOURCE members benefit from the opportunity to showcase at SOURCE Brand Preview, the online sustainable fashion trade show

“SOURCE Brand Preview is the new collaborative way of exchange and information in today’s global world” – Shamini Dhana, Dhana EcoKids

“It was a great experience, and showed an immediate life in page views and interest for the line, as well as introductory emails from other interested fashion companies. It really is such a pleasure being part of SOURCE.” – Cate Rubenstein, Moonshined Designs

“I have had press interest… also, my Zecchino image has been chosen as one of 20 images for Art Below… I loved seeing the images and the way it all worked together…it was like interactive Radio 4!” – Chloe Haywood, Hatastic

“Really inspired by the passion to make beautiful, high quality, sustainable & ethical clothing, so much innovation!” – Style Eyes

“Smashing perceptions of what fairtrade and organic fashion looks like.” – Dirty White Gold

“Absolutely in love with all of the brands and designers showcased in #BP13…see some of them featuring on SeptemberStreet soon” – September Street

“Well done, [Ethical Fashion Forum]. A solidly inspiring first day of the Brand Preview” – View from the Pier

SOURCE members benefit from the opportunity to attend SOURCE Summit

“The SOURCE Summit was single handedly the most refreshing, inspiring and effective seminar in ethical fashion that exists. I thought the panels were exceptional, each with informative and inspiring points to make. The break out groups worked exceptionally well, such good energy!” – Rachel Manns, Peppermint Magazine

“ I just wanted to say a big thank you and congratulations for the great content and discussion throughout today’s summit. I feel so fortunate to have been able to connect up virtually – we had such rich discussion that I feel like we got the best end of the bargain!” – Lara McPherson, Australia (Joined online)

SOURCE members benefit from the opportunity to showcase at SOURCE Expo, the online trade show for sustainable suppliers and manufacturers

“Extremely convenient. Saved lots of money. Easy to hear the speakers. I think it’s a very good use of time and resources. Huge savings in carbon footprint for those who must attend by flying. Generally, I think the format was excellent. By participating on two panels during SOURCE EXPO 2012, we’ve already connected with a designer interested in collaborating with us.” – Ellen Agger, Tammachat

“I do think it is an incredible way to make contact with clients and am in awe of the number of visitors wanting to connect with suppliers of organic handmade ethical textiles . I think you are doing a vital and amazing job of networking and connecting us. Thank you all so very much.” – Sofia Verena Mostyn, Earth Tones International

“Attending the Source Expo online was an incredible opportunity to learn more about the services, ask questions and hear from suppliers around the globe whilst sitting in my home office. I have contacted a couple of panel member organizations for quotes since the event” – Lindy Venustus, Beautiful Organic Whole Life

“It’s so easy!” – Madelon Spijker, Designer

“It really cut to the chase and was much less exhausting than a regular sourcing event. I feel like the product categories were well-organized.” – Amy DeCew Designs

“It is great that the Ethical Fashion Forum organizes these kinds of event also online. This way we’re able to participate without traveling all the way from Finland!” – Anniina Nurmi, Nurmi Designs

“One of the biggest challenges as a start-up is finding your first sourcing situation. The SOURCE online platform allows small designers to connect with suppliers who embrace both the values and economics of sustainable fashion in a practical way to grow your business.” – Amy DeCew Designs

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