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30 November 2015


Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Tluxe 2015

In this handy downloadable table, get an overview of the most common routes for raising capital to grow your business. Get tips on how and where to obtain finance and how to position yourself for financial success. Image: TLuxe.com

Investing in your business is paramount to its success, whether at the beginning of your journey or at each stage of scaling up. Financing your business can be tricky. In fact, it may be one of most difficult tasks you face in growing. There are many different options and models for raising capital; it’s not easy to know which one is right for your business in whatever stage of its growth.

We have put together a handy table that will give you an overview of the financing methods you’re likely to consider. These are the most common ways that businesses tend to raise money. Which option you choose will completely depend on your company’s stage of development, what your business model is, how much finance you need and for what purposes and whether you are able and comfortable giving away some of the equity (and thus control over decision making) in your company.

Here, we provide some basic guidance on your financing options. This should help you to hone in on what strategies to further explore. This resource focuses on advice for UK businesses but some of the information is applicable to other locations.

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