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4 March 2012

Press Round-up February 2012

Contributor Krystle Epum

Luis Valenzuela

A review of key sustainable and ethical headlines during February's busy fashion season.

WWDMAGIC Launches New Designer Showcase to Foster Emerging Design (Magiconline)
“LOS ANGELES, Calif. (February 1, 2012)– MAGIC, in partnership with Fashion Business, Inc., has initiated a new area that will foster up-and-coming design talent and assist them in launching sustainable businesses in the fashion industry.”

Stella McCartney teams up with PETA (Lucky Magazine)
“In partnership with PETA, McCartney appears in this graphic video, enumerating the cruelties of leather production, which include throat-slitting, de-horning and cramped quarters.”

Survey: Shoppers Plan to Double Eco-Apparel Purchases in 2012 (Apparel)
“The data is showing a strong interest in eco/sustainable apparel. This represents a growth opportunity, especially if manufacturers and retailers make it easier to find.”

Ethical Investments (Direct Commerce Magazine)
“The management team of ethical fashion brand Howies has bought the business back from VF Corporation, the owner of the North Face, Wrangler and Eastpak brands, for an undisclosed sum.”

Baftas 2012: Viola Davis and Michael Fassbender go green for Livia Firth (Telegraph)
“Queen of the green carpet Livia Firth has clearly been on the warpath in recent weeks in her battle to turn the red carpet into an eco-friendly zone.”

New York Fashion Week: Wool Reigned at the GreenShows’ Presentation of Ethical Luxury for Fall/Winter 2012 (Tree Hugger)
“Sustainability came to Lincoln Center on Friday, showing the fashion world that high-end, low-impact design is ready for its close-up.”

The GreenShows Brings Luxury Ethical Fashion to Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Ecouterre)
“One of The Green Shows’ top priorities was to pull off a high-quality fashion event aimed at bringing attention to sustainable designers while creating new market opportunities.”

Dress to impress! Top ethical fashion designers of London Fashion Week A/W 2012 (Global Cool)
“It’s not only inspiring to see people in unique pieces rather than mass produced items, but it’s also positive to see many people are making fashion sustainable by seeking items they can re-use and taking care of these older pieces so they do last longer.”

Oscars 2012: Livia Firth recruited Meryl Streep and more for her Green Carpet Challenge (Telegraph)
“Eco-friendly fashion hits a glamorous high-point as Livia Firth adds Meryl Streep and Kenneth Branagh to her Green Carpet Challenge roll call.”

Eco-fashion and craft shop to open in Belfast (Belfast Telegraph)
“Our community already knows the importance of being green, but more people are realising that if we don’t act now, it will be too late for future generations”

Eileen Fisher Extends Commitment to Environmental, Social Responsibility (Ecouterre)
“A lifestyle champion at its core, Eileen Fisher is fueled by a desire to “empower the well-being” of not just its producers and customers, but also that of the community at large.”

Reformation’s Unique Approach to Sustainable Fashion (Dual Show)
“Not only does she have an impeccable sense of style, but she also has an amazing approach to keeping fashion eco-friendly and still chic.”

IOU Project’s Kavita Parmar Offers New Business Model for Ethical Fashion (Ecouterre)
“The idea was to rethink the entire chain: to create a new one that allows goods to be produced and sold and serves everyone involved. It is sustainable for the artisan, the designer, the final consumer and not just a few at the top end.”

Stunning Armour-Like Costumes Created From Ancient Chinese Ceramic Shards (Treehugger)
“While there’s lots of ways to reuse broken ceramic shards, Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng does the almost unthinkable and recycles them into fashion.”

Top 3 Sustainable Design Competitions of 2012 (Huffington Post)
“In just three years, Red Carpet Green Dress has become an internationally recognized design contest that honors both environmental consciousness and glamour.”

Exhibitors pleased with GREENshowroom runway show (fibre2fashion)
“The pioneering GREENshowroom concept unites the zeitgeist and high-end design with sustainability – a successful combination that has once again proven its worth. It is a concept with unlimited growth potential.”

Day 2 goes Ethical at HSBC Colombo Fashion Week 2012 (Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka))
“Day Two of HSBC Colombo Fashion Week (Feb 25) was “Ethical Fashion Day”, with a wide range of designers whose work either promotes villagers and communities, uses recycled or environmentally friendly materials, or both.”

So Eco Chic: Fashion Introduces Solar Panel Clothing (Energy Digital)
“Energy minded customers who hunger for clever unisex outerwear, need not look further than the Los Angeles based clothing company Silvr Lining.”

The future’s vert: why green is the new black in Paris (The Ecologist)
“Parisian eco chic doesn’t exist yet. I think that’s precisely because Paris is very attached to its past and its couture tradition. They are less open to new things than London or even Milan.”

Fashion Line Launches with 100% Transparency Policy (Sustainable Brands)
“The brand, called Honest by, says it is the first in the world to share the full cost breakdown of its products and that it wants to shed light on the questions: where is it made and by whom.”

Oscars 2012: Redefining glamour on the red carpet (Chicago Tribune)
“It’s really about bringing awareness to the fact that we can be kind to the planet and still wear something really gorgeous — and to then take that a step further, for people to think about the carbon footprint of their everyday clothes.”

Image: Amanda Silvana Coen for The GreenShows

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