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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

5 December 2014

REFORMATION: How the brand is going from strength to strength

Contributor Sarah Ditty

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As part of our on-going "Elements of Success" case studies series, we profile Reformation - the L.A. based brand that is rising to prominence amongst the American fashion scene.

SOURCE Intelligence Editor-in-Chief Sarah Ditty catches up with Kathleen Talbot, the Sustainability Manager of contemporary womenswear brand, Reformation.

Reformation “makes killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.” Every Reformation product is designed, made, photographed and shipped from their innovative eco-facility in downtown Los Angeles. And each style is made using repurposed vintage clothing, salvaged deadstock fabric or new sustainable materials.

Established five years ago, Reformation has grown not only sales but has expanded its product range and team year-on-year and is projected to triple its sales this year alone. So what is Reformation’s recipe for business success? SOURCE Intelligence finds out.

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