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21 November 2011

Shop of the month: Ganesha

Contributor Lucinda Borrell

SOURCE Intelligence visits Ganesha, sustainable and ethical retailer of accessories and homewares, in London.


In Hindu religion, Ganesha is the overcomer of obstacles, patron of creativity and lord of possibilities. Perhaps then it makes perfect sense that Jo Lawbuary and Purnendu Roy have named their store, one which uses traditional skills in order to provide for and protect marginalised groups from social injustice, after a God symbolising everything in which they believe. For the past 15 years, the self-confessed ‘greenies’ have been retailing at St Gabriel’s Wharf, in a small but colourful premises tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of London’s South Bank, and now have a second branch in Covent Garden. SOURCE Intelligence Market and Sales Editor, Lucinda Borrell, finds out who they stock, why, and where they source from.

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