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8 November 2016

Sustainable Sourcing Series 2016/17

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Sustainable Sourcing Series

The SOURCE Sustainable Sourcing Series is the annual showcase of what's happening in sustainable sourcing and a showcase of our SOURCE supplier members.

It is the world's leading resource for innovation, trends, and insights into sustainable fashion sourcing.

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The Sustainable Sourcing Series 2016/17 provides regular content in the form of reports, articles, and trend insights around sustainable sourcing practices. Discover some of the latest innovations in this sector and learn about suppliers from around the world offering ethical and sustainable products and services for the fashion industry.

If you’re a buyer or fashion sourcing professional, this is the place for you to find out how you can do fashion better.


Part 1: Fabrics & Fibres

Dates: November-December 2016

In Part 1 of the series, we analyse current fabrics and fibres most commonly used in the fashion industry and explore innovative, sustainable options for the future – from denim, to leather, to pineapple and strawberry textiles!

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Part 2: Sourcing at Scale

Dates: January-February 2017

The second part of the Sustainable Sourcing Series 2016/17 focuses on the opportunities for sourcing sustainably at scale. Check back in January for weekly reports and insights on this topic.

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Part 3: Artisanal & Small Volume Sourcing

Dates: February-March 2017

The final part in the series will explore the beauty of sourcing from artisans and highlight options for small volume sourcing around the world. Whether you’re a start up or from a larger fashion business, these reports will inspire creativity.

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SOURCE Founding Partners

The Sustainable Sourcing Series is brought to you in association with our Founding Partners, exemplary organisations that are leading the way in ethical and sustainable sourcing products and services.

Our Founding Supplier Partners include:

  • Artisan Resource – Semi-annual New York sourcing show connecting international export-ready artisans with designers and importers in the US
  • Barkha’s Custom Sourcing – Sourcing and product development consultancy firm specialising in sustainable and ethically-sourced textiles and products for clients spanning the retail, residential, hospitality and fashion industries
  • Fairtrade UK, Canada, Australia & NZ – Certification programme for Fairtrade cotton, supporting Fairtrade cotton farmers
  • Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) – The world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres via 17 approved certification bodies

SOURCE Members

Browse our current SOURCE supplier members below – from providers of sustainable materials to leading ethical manufacturers, sourcing consultants and photographers – find out more about them and how to get in touch.

SOURCE Members – Fabrics & Trims from Ethical Fashion Forum

SOURCE Members – Manufacturing and Production from Ethical Fashion Forum

SOURCE Members – Certifiers, Consultants, Professional Services from Ethical Fashion Forum

Shifting from SOURCE Expo to More Regular Sustainable Sourcing Intelligence

We are constantly seeking to improve the way that we deliver valuable information to our network and after feedback and testing over the past few years, we have decided to move away from the 2 day SOURCE Expo format to allow for more regular showcasing of sustainable sourcing information and suppliers.

We believe that this format will allow us to match more of the right buyers with the right suppliers, as well as provide more valuable sourcing information to fashion professionals on a regular basis as year-round sourcing becomes increasingly prevalent.

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