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24 October 2012

SOURCE Expo 2012

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Source Expo 2012

SOURCE Expo is the only fashion industry trade show dedicated to ethical sourcing. Registration for SOURCE Expo 2013 will open shortly.

31st October – 1st November 2012 ONLINE

The event showcased exemplary suppliers of sustainable fabrics and components, fair trade and ethical production units and factories from all over the world, and brokered connections between suppliers, brands, and fashion professionals.

Through targeted online meeting spaces, a programme of seminars and 2 days of free access to extremely valuable sustainable sourcing information on SOURCE Intelligence, SOURCE Expo opened doors for suppliers all over the world- and made it easy for designers and brands to build sustainable supply chains.



1. The Programme
2. Why did we run SOURCE Expo online?

1. The Programme for SOURCE Expo 2012

All events took place online and included a presentation of suppliers, sharing of contacts between suppliers and participants, and the opportunity to network directly online. Attendance was free for anyone interested in sourcing from sustainable suppliers.

Day 1 – Wednesday 31st October 2012 – Innovation, Changing Lives, Environmental Impact, and the Sustainable Showcase in Partnership with GOTS.

Day 2 – Thursday 1st November 2012 – Artisanal excellence, Luxury, Structure, Stretch, Drape & Flow, Wool & Heavyweights, Casualwear, Large Quantities and Printing, and Accessories & Components


Day 1: 31st October: The Issues

9.30- 10.30 Innovation

Presented latest innovation in sustainable supply systems, fabrics and production processes, and included the opportunity to connect directly with innovative suppliers.

11.00-12.00 Changing lives

Presented some of the most exemplary fashion & textiles suppliers and production models from around the world that are achieving big impact in terms of creating sustainable livelihoods, reducing poverty and adding value.

12.30- 13.30 Environmental impact

Presented some of the most exemplary fashion & textiles suppliers and production models from around the world that are achieving big impact in terms of resource efficiency, reducing environmental footprint, waste, and energy use.

15.00- 18.00 Sustainable Textiles Showcase in partnership with GOTS

IN LONDON at Joelson Wilson, 30 Portland Place, London W1

In partnership with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS), this event was inspiring, informative, and an opportunity to learn more about leading sustainable suppliers to the fashion industry.

With thanks to Joelson Wilson for their support for this event.

Day 2: 1st November: Fabrics & Suppliers

9.30- 10.30 Artisanal excellence

We brought together and presented suppliers from all over the world that are building on artisanal, cultural, and traditional skills to create stunning products for mainstream fashion designers and brands, to fair trade and high ethical standards. From weaving to embroidery, printing, and embellishment, both fabrics and production opportunities.

11.00-12.00 Luxury, Structure, Stretch, Drape & Flow

We showcased latest developments and offered the opportunity to connect with suppliers of sustainable fabrics and production opportunities from silk to fabrics with stretch and draping capacity. We included production opportunities for luxury products and structured garments.

13.00-14.00 Wool & Heavyweights

We showcased sustainable wool and heavyweight fabrics and production opportunities from different parts of the world.

14.30- 15.30 Casualwear, Large Quantities and Printing

We presented a range of exemplary suppliers of casual, sport and street wear.

16.00 – 17.00 Accessories & Components

We presented suppliers of sustainable accessories and components from all over the world.

2. Why did we run SOURCE Expo 2012 online?

The SOURCE Network extends to 127 countries. We reached, engaged, and connected a lot more of this network in an affordable manner through running the SOURCE Expo online rather than in a single physical location.

For a physical event, high venue and set up costs needed to be offset with fees for exhibitors to take part. Through running the event online we were able to keep supplier participation costs to a bare minimum, and therefore made the event free for all visitors.

We focused our team, time and resources where they have the most impact- in connecting suppliers with brands and designers, and brokering links.

We avoided the high energy footprint of an event that requires exhibitors and visitors to travel hundreds of miles to attend and take part.

We increased capability of online meeting facilities. We offered increasingly effective connection opportunities online.

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