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30 August 2012

SOURCE Summit 2012 Video: VISIBILITY

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum


Increasing visibility and mainstreaming sustainability in the fashion sector. Featuring: Alana James, consumer behaviour research from Northumbria University, and Ceri Heathcote, expert online marketing consultant. Image: SOURCE partner and ethical manufacturer, Mantis World

The SOURCE Summit 2012 took place on the 25th July 2012 and brought together leading pioneers in fashion and sustainability from all over the world and across the entire supply chain to network, share ideas, learn from best practice, and collaborate.

The one-day event focused on taking sustainability in the fashion industry to tipping point- the point at which best practice becomes the rule rather than the exception.

Now you can watch the presentations from SOURCE Summit and find out the latest developments from the sustainable fashion industry.

VISIBILITY: Increasing visibility and mainstreaming sustainability in the fashion sector

Sharing latest developments and best practice related to the promotion, marketing, and mainstreaming of fashion and sustainability. How can consumer awareness be raised and what needs to happen to make sustainable product available- and desirable- to all? Hear from sector leaders and media experts about how they are creating visibility and gaining media profile for their businesses. Join a working group with your peers on how the profile and visibility of sustainability in the sector can be raised, availability increased, and sustainability integrated into the mainstream.



Alana James: Mainstreaming Sustainability in the Fashion Sector

Fellowship 500 member Alana James is carrying out PhD research focusing on consumer and retailer behaviour in an ethical fashion context. Her research studies the consumption of High Street fashion, and aims to investigate the opportunities to mainstream sustainability in the fashion sector. She presented Consumer insights – taken from research conducted with ethically conscious consumers during 2011, retailer and consumer communication on the UK high street – the influential factors that give retailers the power to control consumer purchasing behaviour, and more.

Ceri Heathcote: Marketing, promotion, and profile for Sustainable Fashion

Fellowship 500 member Ceri Heathcote is Founder and Director of Heathcote Communications, an Internet Marketing agency, and architect of fashion websites Style Eyes, Posh Swaps and the Ethical Fashion Bloggers Community. Her latest project aims to change the way people shop by making sustainable and ethical fashion more visible and accessible online. Ceri offered insights into what is needed for sustainable fashion products to become more visible, available and desirable to all.

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