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9 November 2016

Sustainable Sourcing Series Part 1: Fabrics & Fibres

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

SSS Part I

Here you can find all the reports and coverage from Part I of the 2016-17 Sustainable Sourcing Series on Sustainable Fabrics & Fibres.

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Part 1 Articles & Reports

Introduction to Part 1

Sustainability is no longer niche, but heading towards becoming a new norm. In the first part of SOURCE’s 2016–17 Sustainable Sourcing Series, we explore who is doing what in fabrics and fibres.

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Future Fibres Sourcing Report

This report looks at the most commonly used fibres in the apparel industry – synthetics, cotton, cellulosics, and wool – analysing their popularity, benefits of use, and sustainable alternatives.

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5 Innovative Fabrics to Use Now

From recycled fibres to food waste to disposable textiles, Dr Kate Goldsworthy shares some of her top picks for the most exciting and innovative textiles that we could soon be seeing on runways.

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Innovation in Fabrics Report

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Strawberry plants that grow lace? Silk that is stronger than steel? The future of fabric development looks bright. In this report, discover innovative fabrics that are available now as well as futuristic concepts on the horizon.

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The Denim Report

In this report, we explore sustainability issues related to denim, innovative approaches for the future, and options for sustainable denim sourcing now.

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Blue Jeans Go ‘Green’: Is Ethical Production a Good Fit for the Denim Industry?

This Op-Ed from Euromonitor International looks at the opportunity for denim to go green and ethical.

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The Leather Report

In this report, we explore the social and environmental impacts of leather and leather alternatives, and present innovative options for more sustainable sourcing.

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Handwork & Heritage: A Revival

This report looks at the revival of artisan-made, handmade, and heritage fabrics in the fashion industry, including a showcase of suppliers of these fabrics.

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Part 1 Webinar

A summary of Part 1 of the 2016/17 Sustainable Sourcing Series on Fabrics & Fibres – this webinar looks at the big trends in sustainable sourcing and showcases our SOURCE members who can supply sustainable and ethical materials and components.

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