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3 January 2017

Sustainable Sourcing Series Part 2: Sourcing at Scale

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum


The second part of the Sustainable Sourcing Series 2016/17 focuses on the opportunities for sourcing sustainably at scale.

Part 2 of the Sustainable Sourcing Series took place from 12 January – 8 February 2017. To receive all the reports from this part of the series, please fill in the form below or click here.

Discover our SOURCE members that can help you with sourcing sustainably at scale:


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Standards & Tools

Published Pieces

Part 2 Webinar

Trends and insights around sourcing sustainably at scale, as well as a showcase of our SOURCE members who supply at a large scale sustainably.

Case Study: Freeing Women from Exploitation through Business

Freeset is changing the lives of hundreds of women in Kolkata through their successful social enterprise model.

The Modern Slavery Act Two Years On

A brief look at what you need to know about the UK Modern Slavery Act, brought into force in 2015.

Sourcing in Africa: A Practical Guide

Major fashion brands realise that Africa offers huge potential to get sustainable sourcing right from the outset – from farm to garment. This report explores services and suppliers in Africa that work with overseas clients, as well as trade shows and networks to help locate potential new sources.

Africa: A Continent of Sustainable Opportunity

As the world’s fastest-growing region, Africa deserves a closer look when it comes to sustainable sourcing. In this first of two special reports, we review the continent’s history in textiles to today’s current Asian influences.

Shaping the Future of Fashion: Standards & Certifications

A review of some of the key relevant standards & certifications that help fashion businesses to source sustainably at scale.

Introduction: Facing the Challenges

The fashion industry is increasingly acknowledging that its product lifecycles have a massive impact on millions of garment workers worldwide. In Part 2 of the series, we look at how some of the largest players are altering their business practices in a bid to meet sustainability challenges.

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