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1 December 2016

The Denim Report

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Kassim Jeans

In this report, we explore sustainability issues related to denim, innovative approaches for the future, and options for sustainable denim sourcing now. Image: Kassim Denim

Denim production is a powerhouse in apparel. Around 1.2 billion pairs of jeans are produced each year and the global market size is $56.2 billion.

Made from cotton dyed with natural indigo, denim was first worn several centuries ago by Genovese dockers who valued its durability. Today’s jeans stem from 1850 when Levi Strauss used denim to make strong work trousers for Californian miners.

Many consumers still value denim’s reputation for durability. Now they’re also starting to ask how sustainable their jeans are. This report explores exciting new ways of answering those growing demands.

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