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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

16 August 2011

Upcycling: Challenges and solutions

Contributor Nell Crowden

Worn Again

The SOURCE speaks to upcycling brand Worn Again about the challenges in setting up a supply chain - and the solutions.


How do upcycled and conventional products compare? How do we create an economically viable upcycling and remanufacturing industry to deliver a closed-loop system? And what is the difference between upcycling and remanufacturing? Over the past five years, Worn Again, a textile upcycling company, has gained a great reputation in the area, working with companies such as Royal Mail, Eurostar and Virgin Atlantic among many others. It has evolved the very business of upcycling new products from decommissioned corporate-wear and working with large companies, to find innovative solutions for their textile waste. The SOURCE discussed the challenges involved in setting up a supply chain for upcycling with Worn Again’s founder Cyndi Rhoades and co-director Jamie Burdett – and the innovative solutions.

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