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3 April 2012

Press Round-up March 2012

Contributor Krystle Epum

H&M Conscious

A review of notable ethical and sustainable fashion press during March. Image: H&M eco "glamour" collection.

Fashion industry puts sustainable couture under the spotlight (GreenWise Business)
“The event has been organised to showcase new ‘bio-materials’ which can be used for making environmentally-friendly luxury goods – from clothes, shoes and accessories to home and car interiors.”

EcoChic Design Award Challenges Chinese Fashion Designers to Face Local Problems (Treehugger)
In 2010, an average of 234 tons of textiles were discarded into Hong Kong’s landfills — daily.

M&S opens its 1st sustainable learning store in India (fibre2fashion)
“The store will provide M&S with valuable insight into sustainable building practices in India, which it will use to support future projects in the country.”

Does fashion fuel food shortages? (The Guardian)
“The overall shift in agricultural priorities is bound to change the rules of the fashion game.”

TK Maxx unveils sustainable accessories (Fashion Extras Online)
“This range is part of an exciting initiative we have taken to help improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in Uganda.”

Fashion Industry Considers Biodiversity When Sourcing Materials (The Stylist)
“We truly believe in the innovative talents and creativity of the fashion industry and therefore challenge fashion entrepreneurs to create catwalk-worthy fashion while sustaining biodiversity.”

Leading French Retail and e-Commerce Brands Choose Intertek’s Instant LCA Textile™ Eco-design and Eco-labeling Tool (Market Watch)
“These six leading retail and e-commerce brands decided to take a collaborative approach and evaluate the requirements for a tool suited to the ecological issues of their activities, specifically that it be an easy-to-use, flexible solution intended for non-expert users.”

Toronto Fashion Week: PETA’s presence goes unnoticed outside the tent (Toronto Star)
“During Toronto Fashion Week, local PETA members are protesting at peak hours in the evening, just outside the entrance of the fashion week tent at David Pecaut Square.”

Zara NYC store with latest advancements in Sustainability (fibre2fashion)
“The shop includes all of the sustainability features of Inditex’s eco-efficient stores, marking further progress in the Group’s environmental commitments as outlined in its Sustainable Inditex 2011-2015 Plan.”

Miniature debuts eco-friendly layette collection (fibre2fashion)
“Made of milk fiber and organically grown cotton, Miniature Milk incorporates playful cow print and logos into its rompers, onesies, t-shirts and bibs, guaranteed to grab the attention of retailers and consumers alike.”

H&M: Green is back in fashion for Climate Week 2012 (Responding to Climate Change-RTCC)
“Nearly a decade later H&M’s new Conscious Collection is attempting to reverse that setback – again using ‘greener’ materials but this time stressing the style, not each item’s small carbon footprint.”

Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney back Ethical Fashion Africa (My Daily)
“To show their support Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood are placing orders for various designs to be made by the teams in Africa.”

Alexa Chung shows she has style and substance (Telegraph)
“I was first made aware of the appalling conditions factory workers are often forced to work under while filming a documentary in 2008 for Channel 4.”

Garbage Fashion: T-Shirts Made From Recycled Bottles (Bloomberg Business Week)
“For the hip, green consumer, transforming trash into something wearable and saving it from a landfill can be thrilling.”

Livia Firth Launches Eco-Fashion Label, Collaborates With C.L.A.S.S. on Green Carpet Challenge Fabric Library (Ecouterre)
“[Livia Firth Designs] has, at its heart, simplicity and glamour and a little bit of playfulness, which should always be part of our life.”

Scandinavian movers and shakers in the fashion sphere (Telegraph)
“Simplicity and sustainability are the watchwords of scandi menswear.”

H&M Conscious Debuts Eco-Chic “Glamour” Collection for Spring (Ecouterre)
“The collection showcases the diversity of what is now possible in greener fashion.”

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