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Wil you take part in Fashion Revolution Day?


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RETAIL SURVEY 2014 In this annual survey, the SOURCE Intelligence team reviews 170+ shops from across the world that stock ethical and sustainable fashion products, including: online retailer, department stores / chains and bricks-and-mortar boutiques.

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FLO's New Fairtrade Cotton Program Makes Sourcing Easier

Fairtrade cotton label Fairtrade International has recently launched a new way of certifying Fairtrade cotton, which breaks down the barriers and makes it easier for companies big and small to start using more Fairtrade cotton. SOURCE Contributor Rebecca Enderby founds out how.

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AFRICA MATRIX Looking to source materials or have your collection made in Africa? This downloadable spreadsheet with help you find suppliers, local organisations and to get to know some key cultural and business information when you're sourcing from particular countries.

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4 Key Reasons Why Your Imagery Might Not Be Working

FutureFrock SOURCE Columnist Alice Wilby lends her expertise in fashion styling and photography to tell you everything you need to know to curate a good photoshoot despite a limited budget.

Quickfire Q&A

2 minutes with Carry Somers, Fashion Revolution founder

Fashion Revolution Day, on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza collapse, will raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues, show that change is possible and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical,sustainable future.

Carry FRD

1) Why is this the right time for something like Fashion Revolution Day to happen?

The Rana Plaza disaster was a catalyst for change. It has enabled us to create a platform which brings together
everyone who wants to see a more sustainable future for fashion.

2) What do you hope Fashion Revolution will achieve?

Fashion Revolution will challenge the industry to do better, celebrate fashion and spread excitement about the power it has to make big changes happen. I hope that by showcasing best practise, we can change lives.

3) What are you most excited about for the 24th?

The sheer variety of events happening globally, from a workshop in Kathmandu on cleaning dye wastewater, to a huge open-air fashion show through the centre of Barcelona.

Please find out more at www.fashionrevolution.org