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8 Instagram Accounts Changing The Image Of Sustainable Fashion

Vega instagram 2 Discover how 8 leading fashion businesses are using the power of instagram to change perceptions of fashion as an industry that could have a much greater social and environmental impact. Image: @veja on instagram


Monthly Events Round Up: July/August

Source Summit 14 - Ed Futerra Find out what events and important dates are coming up in July and August in the world of sustainable fashion.

Business focus

The New Leaders: An Inspired Approach To Business Leadership

People Tree An introduction to New Leadership - an approach to business leadership that goes beyond profit - by Ethical Fashion Forum Founder and Mysource CEO, Tamsin Lejeune.


Insights From Leaders: 8 Drivers Of Change In The Fashion Industry

Westminster On the 29th June 2016, the Ethical Fashion Forum brought together top level executives, experts and influencers in the fashion industry, for the first in a series of focused round tables at the House of Lords in London. The goal of the series is to create a core group of senior leaders with the capacity, and the will, to drive meaningful change for a more sustainable fashion industry.

Quickfire Q&A

5 minutes with Sedex on Sustainable Supply Chains

We chatted to Sedex recently about how they’re leading the way in sustainable supply chain management.

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How does Sedex help its members?

Sedex helps members to map their supply chain and develop programmes for continuous improvement. Tools offered include things like risk assessments, audits with enhanced capacity building, joint remediation, and reporting tools to ultimately make sustainability business as usual.

Tell us a bit about the new Sedex Advance Programme.

Sedex Advance is the new solution for responsible supply chain management. The needs of our members around the world are changing, with buyers and suppliers facing a growing list of issues. To fulfil these needs and help our members meet future challenges and opportunities we launched Sedex Advance – an evolution in supply chain management. Sedex Advance provides a host of features to help buyers, suppliers and auditors implement their responsible sourcing programmes – all integrated into one easy-to-use platform built using the very latest technology.

Tell us about the new Sedex Stakeholder Forum – how is this helping companies to work together and to better collaborate on supply chain issues?

The Sedex Stakeholder Forum is the new name for the Associate Auditor Group (AAG). The group works to improve best practice guidance on conducting social audits and develops the common audit methodology SMETA. Sedex wanted a name which more accurately reflects the range of stakeholders represented in the group which includes companies and NGOs as well as auditors. SMETA helps reduce duplication of effort in ethical trade auditing, benefiting retailers, consumer brands, and their suppliers.