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Market & sales watch

Brand Showcase 2017: Multi-brand Retailers

Ethical Market Lookbook 6 of 6 showcasing SOURCE members offering a selection of sustainable fashion brands online or in physical stores around the world. Image: ethical.market

Market & sales watch

Brand Showcase 2017: Childrenswear

Dhana girls Lookbook 4 of 6 from the 2017 SOURCE brand showcase, featuring SOURCE members offering sustainable childrenswear - dressing our next gen of sustainable leaders!

Market & sales watch

Brand Showcase 2017: Directional Womenswear

BP17 - Mayamiko Lookbook 1 of 6 focusing on luxury and directional womenswear design. Also featuring an interview with Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro on what the Fashion Revolution means for retailers. Image: Founding Partner, Mayamiko


SOURCE Brand Showcase 2017

BP17 Thumbnail The 2017 Brand Showcase is a 2 month series running over April-May, presenting our current SOURCE brand and retailer members.

Quickfire Q&A

Jane Shepherdson

Shepherdson is the Chief Executive at womenswear brand Whistles and ex-brand director of Topshop.

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Why do you feel ethical fashion is important?

Because everyone has the right to be treated humanely, to have a childhood, be given a fair wage for a days work, and have the right to be a member of a union. That doesn’t sound like a lot to ask does it?

What is the ethical/ sustainable issue in relation to what you do/ consume that you feel most good about?

I have solar panels on my roof, and walk or cycle as much as possible. Despite being in the fashion industry, we try to promote considered investment purchases, as opposed to throwaway fashion, and we try to do it with integrity. I am also a creative advisor to Oxfam , and help them to continue to innovate and raise money.

What makes you unhappy?

The treatment of women across the globe.

Who are your all-time favourite designers?

Miuccia Prada and Coco Chanel

What single ethical/ sustainable product would most improve the quality of your life?

A switch that turned off everything in the house by the front door!

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