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SOURCE Expo 2015: Day 2 Recordings and Lookbooks

London Pattern Bureau Day 2 of SOURCE Expo 2015 focused on showcasing production services and business support tools to help you build a successful, sustainable fashion business. Scroll down to watch the recordings and view the online lookbooks. Image: London Pattern Bureau


SOURCE Expo 2015: Day 1 Recordings And Lookbooks

Green Fibres Day 1 of SOURCE Expo 2015 focused on showcasing a range of suppliers of fabrics, components and accessories suppliers. Scroll down to watch the recordings and view the online lookbooks. Image: Green Fibres


SOURCE Brand Preview 2016

BP16 Thumbnail Join us on 2-3 March 2016 for the largest digital fashion showcase featuring over 150 of the latest and best sustainable brands from around the world.


SOURCE Expo 2015 Programme

Expo 15 Thumbnail SOURCE Expo will take place on Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 November, 2015. View a summary of the programme below - we look forward to you joining us for this innovative online networking event focused on sustainable sourcing.

Quickfire Q&A

5 minutes with... Maxine Bédat, Zady.com

Maxine is the retail buyer and co-founder of US-based online lifestyle destination, Zady.com

Maxine Bédat

As we’re about to enter the height of buying season, we’d love to find out a little bit about your buying process for Zady.com. How do you find new brands or products to stock?

There isn’t one typical way we find a new product. Every product we carry is the result of a sort of scavenger hunt. We might discover a company making the finest alpaca in Peru and they might tell us about a company making the best staplers in Germany. We’re always on the lookout during our travels or even right here in New York.

What makes a brand or product really stand out from all the others? On the other side, what do brands often get wrong?

What makes a brand stand out is its integrity. Integrity touches many elements. Are the materials the very best they can be? Is the design going to stand the test of time? Is there thought behind the selection of materials? Brands that try to be trendy or are derivative get it wrong. The ones that get it right are creating product that the team behind it truly want to see in the world. That’s exciting stuff.

When you’re on a buying mission, how do you know what brands or products will sell

We are lucky that products across the board are well supported on Zady. There isn’t one criteria we look for. We just ask ourselves do we want to live with this piece for at least the next decade? If the answer is yes, it’s generally a good fit.

How would you feel about taking part in an online-only trade showcase featuring sustainably-made fashion brands?

Of course. As a buyer you should have your eye to the future, and sustainability is the future, luckily.