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Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Your Fashion Business

Hatastic1 On Wednesday 17th Sept at 4pm BST, join digital marketing expert Warren Knight and ex-Google PPC expert Emma Maguire to find out how to make the most of Pay-Per-Click advertising for your fashion business. Here, Emma offers a few quick, crucial tips to get you started with PPC. Image: SOURCE member, Hatastic


SOURCE Webinar: Investing in Supply Chains

Lulea production In this video, TAU Investment Management, a NYC-based private equity firm investing in undervalued & underequipped garment and textile factories talk about how the finance world is working to transform and improve supply chains worldwide. Image: Lulea, luxury leather from Africa

Market & sales watch

How Etsy Changed Its Policies & What It Means For Sellers

House of Wandering Silk fabric SOURCE Columnist and brand consultant Shannon Whitehead looks into Etsy's new policies, how it has been effecting sellers and what you can do to deal with the dip in traffic to your Etsy shop. Image: House of Wandering Silk

Market & sales watch

Mainstreaming Sustainable Fashion - The Issues

Format-disclose In a 16-part weekly series, SOURCE Intelligence columnist, Lisa Schneider, identifies and outlines several strategies that help communicate sustainability in fashion more effectively to the mainstream market. This is the introduction to the series and explores the key, broad issues. Image: Format clothing

Quickfire Q&A

5 minutes with... Barkha's Custom Sourcing

Barkha Malik and her team specializes in custom textile development, fabric sourcing and production management with a focus on sustainability and fair trade.

Barkhas spinner

What is Barkha’s Custom Sourcing?

We specialize in sourcing bespoke sustainably and ethically manufactured fabrics and products for forward-thinking business owners. My team oversees the entire process, from sampling, to production, shipping and customs clearance right up to the final delivery.

We also offer businesses small minimums by order and shipping consolidation options. Not only does shipping consolidation save them money, but it also minimizes environmental impact caused by transporting very small batches.

Why is sustainable sourcing the way forward?

Living in India for a good part of my early years, I have seen firsthand, how irresponsible agricultural and manufacturing practices, in the name of ever-increasing profit margins, has resulted in unfair wages and poverty and dangerous and unhealthy living conditions, for both people and animals alike.

I believe sustainable business is the only way forward. I do not believe that in order to do the right thing and be sustainable we have to sacrifice quality or profits, but it’s an incremental, step-by-step process.

What are some of the most common challenges that your clients face in doing things as sustainably as possible?

One of the most common challenges that our clients face while trying to source sustainably is the lack of good choices available to them. For example, there are very few sources of certified sustainable fabrics in the US. The trade-off is giving up the option of buying local. Very often, decisions are made to sacrifice colors and prints to take advantage of existing stock runs.

What are your favorite sustainable fabrics for fashion?

For the fashion industry, my favorites are: – GOTS certified organic cottons – Khadi silks (preferably Ahimsa or “cruelty-free”) – Lenzing Tencel and Modal blends that use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood sources