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Business focus

Developing a Sustainability Roadmap

Bibico AW17 In this article, we help you look at your sustainability goals strategically and how you can prioritise you sustainability efforts over both the short and long-term.

Market & sales watch

Shifting Mindsets: Consumer attitudes towards sustainability

wmmc Recent research has shown that consumers are beginning to demonstrate a shift in thinking, favouring brands that people feel are more authentic, accountable and trustworthy. Here is an excerpt from Fashion Revolution's White Paper investigating how mindsets are changing.

Resources & training

Introduction to Fashion's Key Environmental Issues

Farrah Floyd new Fashion also has a huge impact on the environment. It requires large amounts of water, energy and land to grow fibres such as cotton. It can sometimes be a thirsty, polluting, energy intensive and a wasteful business. Think about what you want your impact to be on the planet.

Resources & training

Introduction to Fashion's Key Social Issues

Reformation alpaca There are a number of issues that relate to workers and communities that you should consider. Your business decisions, even small ones, can have a direct and indirect impact on people working across fashion’s supply chains. In this article, we explore some of the key human challenges facing the fashion industry.

Quickfire Q&A

2 minutes with... Organic Cotton Colours

This week, we sat down with Santi and David, the team, from Organic Cotton Colours – a biodynamic, fully traceable fibre – to talk about supply chain transparency.


How does the OCCGuarantee promote supply chain traceability?

We have absolute control from the origin of the seed to the final product. We are using the Mocó seed, which wasn’t used from many years and gives us a better quality fibre.

Our special relationship with our farmers gives them a guarantee of stability since we commit to purchasing all the fibre they produce. Each farmer is the owner of the land, and we only accept biodynamic cultivation, meaning they grow crops to feed themselves as well as our cotton.

We spin in Catalonia with a company who has been in business for 25 years, and this gives us the best possible quality control – with a good yarn we can make the best fabrics! OCCGuarantee means its the purest product because we don’t dye the fibres; they are available in their own beautiful natural colours.

It is not the common way to supply textiles…even if a fabric is certified GOTS, it may be grown in many ways and many places such as China, Pakistan, India. Our cotton from Brazil is completely unique. Nobody can copy what we do and how we do it.