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20 July 2016

8 Instagram Accounts Changing The Image Of Sustainable Fashion

Contributor Qiulae Wong

Vega instagram 2

Discover how 8 leading fashion businesses are using the power of instagram to change perceptions of fashion as an industry that could have a much greater social and environmental impact. Image: @veja on instagram

With more than 400 million monthly active users, Instagram has become as important, if not more so, than a company’s own website. The potential to tap into new followers and customers is huge, and for many businesses, it is the face of their brand. It is therefore a huge opportunity for sustainable fashion businesses to appeal in a visual way to their customers and grow both their business and the sustainable fashion movement as a whole.

Here we have curated some of the businesses who are at the top of their instagram game and are transforming the face of sustainable fashion for the thousands of followers who see their posts every day. Scroll right down to the bottom for a summary of what all these leading businesses are doing in common.

1. Reformation – 467k followers


No newbie to great imagery, Reformation demonstrate text book brand image on instagram which is reflected in their significant following. Their ability to curate posts so that the images sit harmoniously next to each other is just one example of their razor-sharp marketing strategy that they’ve developed over the past few years. Combined with on-point celebrity endorsements and a clear and deliberate instagram strategy, it’s no wonder nearly half a million followers are captivated.


The Ref team are also great with words – captions cut through to their audience and invoke high levels of engagement which is key for social media success today. Once followers are drawn in with a witty quip, they’re then forced to consider some real sustainability truths.

2. Rekh & Datta – 10.6k followers


Rekh & Datta are making full use of this visual platform by demonstrating their exquisite skill for textile design. Prints and patterns galore, this feed inspires followers on a daily basis.


Shots of design in progress, inspiration photos, and mood boards all provide an insight for followers on their careful design process. The captivating images inspire followers to appreciate the beauty in quality, considered design.

3. Hot-As-Hell – 13.4k followers


This exciting brand has taken on the bold mission of giving sustainability a sexy face, and their instagram oozes it in every image.


Hot-As-Hell are also pros at latching onto relevant events such as Coachella where they posted a visual diary of their team and key celebrities wearing their clothes.

4. Veja – 36.5k followers


One of the world’s coolest sneaker brands, Veja have developed a strong and stand out brand image which is prevalent on their instagram account.


Their use of large images and well-styled lifestyle shots keep followers scrolling through hundreds of sneaker pics and wanting to know more about this laid-back brand with ethics at the heart.

5. AOW Handmade – 1000 followers


While their follower numbers aren’t as high as the others on this list, it won’t be long until Annie Waterman of AOW Handmade’s instagram account will be in the thousands. She brings the excitement and beauty of ethical production to followers through stunning, vibrant images that tell a story.

6. Patagonia – 1.9m followers


Patagonia’s enormous following is built not only on years of growing their community through quality product but also on selling an awe-inspiring lifestyle. Their highly aspirational instagram account gets right to the heart of their followers’ wildest dreams.


Where product shots are included (not as frequently as you’d think), they’re always shot in action, reinforcing the brand’s vision for their sustainable garments.

7. Bottletop – 9,579 followers


Bottletop is another great demonstration of a strong aesthetic that instantly conveys the vibe of the brand. Their high-contrast, pattern-filled images accentuate the hero of their product, the recycled bottletop.

8. The Acey – 5,817 followers


While instagram can be a powerful tool for boosting e-commerce sales, The Acey demonstrates the importance of your account not being a place for a bunch of plain product shots. Images that tell a story provide a sense of personality and inspire followers to live a certain way of life.


Presenting themselves as more than just a retail store, but as a community of women, The Acey offers something different from what followers might see on their website – it’s an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’, the every day life, the essence of the brand.

Summary – The Common Thread

So what do all these instagram accounts have in common and how are they transforming how the industry sees sustainable fashion?

  • These leaders know that fashion is a visual business and therefore place high importance on the colour palette and composition of their instagram accounts. This professional design-led look presents them as serious creative businesses.
  • The brand personality shines through as much as the sustainability message – whether they’re quirky, elegant, vibrant, or adventurous, these businesses have identified their niche and are speaking to their audience about sustainability in a way they will want to hear it.
  • Using captions to make followers think deeper: while browsers may be drawn in by a beautiful picture, these instagram accounts also use clever words and descriptions to plant the seeds of more sustainable consumerism.
  • The businesses with much larger instagram accounts have been able to leverage celebrities and well-known events to take their following to the next level. This is a long-standing tactic of successful fashion businesses; finding the right well-known figures to support the sustainable fashion message boosts brand awareness dramatically.
  • Storytelling thrives on instagram which is perfect for the sustainable fashion movement. These leading fashion businesses are taking the opportunity to connect customers to their products by showing how they were made, where they were worn, or how they made people feel.

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