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5 March 2016

Brand Preview 2016 - Buyer & Press Picks

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Cecilia Hammarborg1

This year, we invited 3 of the fashion industry's most esteemed buyers and media to make their selection of brand favourites out of the 140+ exhibiting brands. Find out who made the cut.. Image: Cecilia Hammarborg

“About Online coverage “2016

In 2016, we were delighted to have three fashion industry greats weigh in on their top brand picks for 2016, including:

  • Hilary Alexander OBE – ex-Fashion Director for the Telegraph
  • Candice Fragis – Buying & Merchandising Director, Farfetch
  • Bandana Tewari – Fashion Features Director, Vogue India

Find out which sustainable fashion brands stand out to them and why.

1. Candice Fragis, Farfetch

As a buyer with over 12 years of experience for Net-a-porter and Farfetch, Candice knows what it takes for a brand to stand out online.

Click here to see Candice’s top brand picks

2. Bandana Tewari, Vogue India

Bandana is an expert in emerging luxury markets and has a love of artisan products and cultural references.

Click here to see Bandana’s top brand picks

3. Hilary Alexander OBE

Coming soon.

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