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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

19 August 2015

BUILDING BLOCKS: Retailing & the legal parameters

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum


In this 5-part series, you will learn about setting up and building a sustainable fashion business in the UK – from the legal perspective. Here we look at your options for retailing: e-commerce, bricks-and-mortar and selling with stockists.


This report covers:

3A. E-commerce
3B. Leasing a shop
3C. Selling with stockists

Read the other parts of this series:

PART 1: How to set up your legal business structure
PART 2: How to protect your branding & Intellectual Property
PART 4: How to find the right legal advice (coming soon)
PART 5: Ethics & sustainability, the legal perspective (coming soon)

Special thanks to Elsa Garagnon, Solicitor (England and Wales), who has written this piece on behalf of SOURCE Intelligence.

Image credit: SOURCE member shop, YAWstore

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