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11 September 2014

Mainstreaming Sustainable Fashion - Research

Contributor Lisa Schneider

Aimee Kent Top Project

In a 16-part series, SOURCE Intelligence columnist, Lisa Schneider, gives you several strategies to help communicate sustainability more effectively to the mainstream fashion market. In this 2nd article, we look at the need for researching your customers' sustainability perceptions and defining your sustainability communications strategy. Image: Aimee Kent

In the introduction of this series (Mainstreaming Sustainable Fashion – The Issues), we have laid out the issues surrounding sustainable fashion communications and how these factors have kept it from resonating with the mainstream consumer.

Sustainable fashion has an image problem. On the whole, consumers worldwide hold somewhat negative perceptions towards ‘green’ fashion which, of course, affects purchasing behaviour. Sustainability marketing strategies haven’t been very successful in getting mainstream consumers excited about sustainable, ethical fashion.

This series will offer you 15 strategies and solutions to communicate more effectively and attractively the sustainability story of your company and products, and, ultimately, improve ‘green’ fashion’s rather negative public image.

Read the introduction to this series to find out more about the issues revolving around sustainable fashion and what you need to consider when communicating to mainstream consumers.

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