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7 December 2016

Sustainable Sourcing: Leather Report

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Leather shoes

In this report, we explore the social and environmental impacts of leather and leather alternatives, and present innovative options for more sustainable sourcing.

An ancient form of fabric used by humans, leather is now one of the world’s most widely traded commodities. Growing demand for leather goods will likely push sector global revenue to $91 billion by 2018. (Lucintel: 2013)

More than half the world’s supply of leather raw material comes from developing countries, with China as world leader. Several supplier countries such as India, Brazil and Ethiopia are expanding their industries into finished products. (UNIDO: 2010)

Leather has long stoked strong opinions, due to its origins as a meat industry by-product and increasingly over the environmental and human impact of processing. Identifying sustainable alternatives is complex but, as this report shows, major brands and small-scale innovators alike are taking up the challenge.

This report covers:

  • Origins & Production
  • Environmental & Social Impact of Leather
  • Setting Sustainable Standards
  • Leather Industry Leaders
  • Innovation in Leather Alternatives
  • Suppliers of Sustainable Leather

Download The Leather Report

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