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EFF SOURCE Fashion business success without compromise

9 September 2011

The use of social media for market research

Contributor Ceri Heathcote

Sense of Fashion

Social media allows people to interact, create and exchange user-generated content - and has the potential to provide valuable, insightful information to fashion companies looking to gain a better understanding of customer preferences. Ceri Heathcote weighs up the pros and cons, and gets top tips from expert Ben Spych.


Many fashion brands are already using social media for marketing, but not all are yet maximising its full potential terms of market research. The beauty of social media over traditional market research methods is that not only is it low cost but it also allows marketeers to listen to what customers are saying in an environment in which they feel comfortable. So, how exactly can brands use social media in this way? SOURCE Intelligence’s Ceri Heathcote explores how social media can be used to gain a better understanding of customer preferences, with tips from analytic specialist Ben Spych on implementing your successful social media strategy.

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