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1 February 2017

Monthly Round Up - Key Dates & Events

Contributor Ethical Fashion Forum

Ecochic 2017

Find out here what events and important dates are coming up in the world of sustainable fashion. Image: EcoChic Design Award

Each month, we pull together some of the upcoming events and important dates for anyone interested in fashion and sustainability. Please see below for our selection of what’s coming up this month.


Register by March 15th for OrganiMark’s 10-day Connect with Africa tour taking an in-depth look at the clothing and textiles industry in South Africa in May.

Join The Fashion Debates in London on 30 March to debate What Is Unpaid Work Doing To The Fashion Industry?

The Economist’s Sustainability Summit 23-24 March, also in London, will focus on Scaling up Action, helping turn challenges into new opportunities.

Scale is also the focus of the Ethical Fashion Meets Global Markets event from SOCAP 365 in New York on 8th March, in this case on how to scale up ethical and sustainable practices.

Finally, our awards partner, the EcoChic Design Award 2017 is open for entries until 3rd April. This competition inspires emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste.

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