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1 May 2012

Press Round-up April 2012

Contributor Krystle Epum

Levi's Biking Jeans

A compilation of April's most prominent headlines in sustainable fashion. Image: Levi's Jeans for Commuter Biking

Paris show bets on green, fair luxury (Asia One)
“From designer fashion to jewellery, design or tourism, luxury firms are under rising scrutiny from pressure groups demanding traceability on raw materials, and transparency on manufacturing conditions and environmental impact.”

Could small be the new big for the fashion industry? (The Guardian)
“Small companies have proven to be leaders in innovation, particularly when it comes to re-engineering products or processes, and when trying brand new approaches.”

Just-style management briefing: Sustainable solutions to boost textile recycling (Just Style)
“KICI is an official consortium partner of the EU-funded Textiles for Textiles (T4T) project: a large-scale, automatic sorting installation being developed to help improve – and speed up – the recyclability of post-consumer textiles.”

Bangladesh textile units gain from sustainable practices (fibre2fashion)
“According to an IFC report on the benefits of CP practices, returns on investments may go up to 550 percent in the initial three years after adoption of sustainable technologies.”

Levi’s Launches Jeans Specifically Designed for Commuter Biking (TreeHugger)
“Following the launch of Levi’s Commuter clothing in the U.S. last year, the latest collection offers more pieces designed specifically with the city cyclist in mind.”

Cruel or eco-friendly: is fur the ultimate sustainable material? (The Ecologist)
“Many in the fur industry argue that not only is it a natural, sustainable resource, it’s also a way of helping to control populations of wild species that might otherwise put native wildlife at risk.”

Is H&M the new home of ethical fashion? (The Guardian)
“H&M is positioning itself as the ethical solution, the retailer that can make ethics and fast fashion synonymous.”

H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB: H&M releases the Sustainability Report 2011 (Market Watch)
“H&M is the biggest user of organic cotton in the world. By 2020,100 percent of the cotton will come from more sustainable sources, including Better Cotton, organic cotton and recycled cotton.”

H&M updates its sustainability pledges (Corp Comms)
“High street fashion retailer H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is introducing ‘water conscious denim’ for all of its denim suppliers in Bangladesh as part of its new sustainability plans.”

Canadian designers make clothes with recycled material (NY Daily News)
“With a lot of stylish creations at the show made from recycled materials, or purchased from second-hand stores, Laroche said for many people there was still a taboo around wearing someone else’s clothes.”

Adidas Olympic clothing made in ‘sweatshop’ (Hindustan Times)
“The Independent newspaper alleged that the clothing being made for the London 2012 Olympics was “being manufactured for Adidas in sweatshop conditions in Indonesia, making a mockery of claims by London 2012 organisers that this summer’s Games will be the most ethical ever”.”

M&S launch Sustainable Fashion Lab (London College of Fashion)
“LCF’ s Centre for Sustainable Fashion have been working with Marks and Spencer (M&S) and Oxfam to create the UK’s first Sustainable Fashion Lab in the heart of East London, at the Old Truman Brewery.”

Alternative Fashion Week hits Spitalfields Market in London (Metro)
“While London’s bi-annual official fashion weeks are reserved for VIPs, this subversive fashion fest is free to members of the public and places an emphasis on environmental issues, ethical sourcing and the use of recycled textiles.”

Made to measure: ethical fashion (The Guardian)
“A recently published consumer study found that 52% of UK, US and Canadian consumers believe that businesses’ alignments with social or charitable causes is half hearted.”

Passion 4 Fashion: Project gives learning opportunities to unemployed (Yorkshire Evening Post)
“Fashionistas from across Leeds will get the opportunity to show off their catwalk creations in a new project. Passion 4 Fashion offers 100 unemployed locals the chance to learn money management skills through fashion design.”

Origin Africa, a Textile Expo, to be held in Ethiopia (2Merkato)
“The textiles and clothing industry in Africa can be important in economic and social terms in the short run by providing incomes, jobs and foreign currency receipts and in the long run by providing the opportunity for sustained economic development.”

Launch of RSPCA Good Business Awards Causes a Flap (Huffington Post)
“Strong public opposition to the use of fur and calls for better traceability shows that the fashion companies who excelled at last year’s RSPCA Good Business Awards know what consumers want.”

M&S and Oxfam push clothes recycling (Marketing Week)
“We’re leading a change in the way we all shop for clothing, forever. this is the right, responsible move for the UK’s biggest clothing retailer and the ultimate goal is simple – to put a complete stop to clothes ending up in landfill.”

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